US-Core CI Build

Data Access Framework is an US initiative sponsored by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC). For this ballot there are two implementation guides (IG) as described below:

  1. DAF-Core : These requirements were originally developed, ballotted, and published in FHIR DSTU2. They have been updated to define the minimum mandatory conformance requirements needed for accessing patient data and are based on the Argonaut pilot implementations. Implementations using the DAF-Core artifacts will be compliant with the DAF and Argonaut IGs. These DAF-Core components are being balloted with an STU status.

  2. DAF-Research IG : The DAF-Research IG defines the conformance requirements for capabilities used by researchers to access data about multiple patients. These requirements have been developed based on PCORnet research activities. The DAF-Research IG is being balloted as “For Comments only ballot”.

Primary Authors: Brett Marquard, Nagesh Bashyam, Eric Haas

Secondary Authors: Grahame Grieve, Lloyd McKenzie